Download Arundo Edge

Arundo Edge

The complete Edge. All you need to install, configure and run Arundo Edge in one seamless package.

Arundo Edge connects to industrial control systems and retrieves data from sensors on industrial assets. Arundo Edge streams the sensor data to the cloud, where
operations personnel can run the data through machine learning models and interpret model results on dashboards. Follow the instructions to install and setup here

Arundo Edge Client

Already have Arundo Edge installed and want to manage it remotely?

Download the Client and connect to your remote Arundo Edge using TCP/IP.

Follow the instructions on how to connect remotely here

Arundo Edge CLI

Running a headless Linux server? Or want to work through SSH or Telnet? No problem!

Download the CLI to install and manage your Arundo Edge from the command line.

Follow the instructions for a headless install here